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"I'm so happy I found Trish! My experience was amazing and she's a wealth of knowledge! She made me feel comfortable and also gave me space. She is now my go to in springs! Thank you Trish! See you soon!" ~Sarah Staton

"I am so happy that I found Pure Colonics and Trish. I was so nervous my first time...not knowing what to e pect but Trish was so kind and patient. She explained everything as we went along. She gave me lots of good information as far as nutrition and supplements. I would definitely recommend!" ~Shirley Fisher

"Pure colonics is just amazing. After my first session I seriously felt lighter. The next day I was blown away by the great sleep I got the night before.
What is so amazing is how high my energy level is. I ended up doing a follow up two days later." ~Buzzing Bee

"This was my first time trying this service but I must say that Trish made me feel at ease and was very helpful before, during and even after my appointment. She is very professional and knowledgeable about her business and I would highly recommend her services if this is something that interests you." ~Dakota Hurd

"Trish is so easy to get to know and professional! The environment is judgment-free and Trish ensures that you’re always comfortable and that your privacy’s maintained! I’ll be getting regular colonics thanks to her! They really do help you feel better in the long run and her knowledge of gut health is really helpful too!" ~Desi Pohl

"Trish was an absolute delight! She made me feel very comfortable, with a wealth of knowledge and willing to help. It’s wonderful to meet a kindred spirit who cares about health as much as I do! Thank you!" ~Mary Ellen Fritze

"Trish and her facility are amazing! If you were hesitant to get this procedure done...Don't Be! The atmosphere is elegant and discreet. The location was perfect for me. I really felt at ease. The whole session was easy, sanitary, and worthwhile. I chose to have tummy massage.
Before my appointment,Trish called me to go over my lifestyle, expectations for the appointment, and general instructions. She was so kind to accommodate my schedule, and open early. I feel great. This will be apart of my holistic maintenance from now on. At the conclusion of the session, I was gifted Kangen water to try. I am excited for another session. Trish is has a beautiful temperament and outlook on life. Book an appointment, you'll see!" ~Takeenia E.

"I was very nervous going into this experience and Trish completely put me at ease. She is very professional, very personable, warm and knowledgeable. I thought I wouldn’t want anyone in the room but I really felt better with her there, not uncomfortable at all. She was able to explain as things throughout and told me what I could expect later.

Thank you Trish!" ~I was very nervous going into this experience and Trish completely put me at ease. She is very professional, very personable, warm and knowledgeable. I thought I wouldn’t want anyone in the room but I really felt better with her there, not uncomfortable at all. She was able to explain as things throughout and told me what I could expect later. Thank you Trish!" ~Tiffany Alberts

"Had a awesome experience with mrs.Trish, the environment was very peaceful and welcoming!" ~Sa'Girah Onipede

"She Very good makes you feel very comfortable & safe . Explains everything to you before hand , waits for questions . will stay in room if ask to. I enjoy all of my sessions." ~Kathryn Benton

"Trish is amazing, her knowledge and care creates a very safe and comfortable atmosphere. I couldn't have made a better choice for my new start." ~Chrystal Martin

"I found myself at a desperate point with bowel obstruction and was very fearful of potential outcomes. A friend of mine advocates colonic hydrotherapy and convinced me to try...I began researching the local establishments when I came across Trish Meza...her profile really tugged at me, she is outstanding! Very considerate, caring, professional and best of all she's been she can relate ...i am blessed and on a road to recovery" ~GG Monroe

"I was a bit nervous about getting a colonic. After tons of research I was convinced of the benefits. I researched different places in town and Trish’s picture stood out to me. She felt safe. Trish is way more then that. Colonics with Trish have been a huge part of my healing journey. Trish is gentle and kind. She has always made me felt safe and well taken care of. She is also a wealth of knowledge in a variety of different areas. I am beyond grateful to have found her. I would and will recommend her to everyone!!" ~Meagan Witt

"Trish is very professional and helpful. She taught me a lot and made me very comfortable. I love the space she is in here as well. Thank you!" ~Samantha Sargent

"Love her heart and the personal touch that Trish brings. She has become a friend!" ~Kristina Woodman

"I would definitely recommend. I've had many various colonics and this was very discreet and effective." ~Tim E.

"I went and visited Trish after reading the reviews about her on google. Trish was super informative throughout the whole process and she really educated me on things that I had no idea about. I've always struggled with gut health and after leaving there I am for sure making immediate changes and will make other gradual ones as well. She specially educated me on probiotics, certain water that she recommends, and foods in general. I went home and told my husband about all that I learned and ironically, he actually had been doing tons of research on what Trish was educating me on. I appreciate you and I will definitely be back!" ~Christal O.

"The evening following my treatment and even the next day, I not only felt fantastic, but lighter and more energized! I realize one treatment isn't a cure-all, and depending on your health issues, treatment can be extensive. Trish is a great practitioner and believer in colon hydrotherapy, as she shares her own personal experience and path to wellness as well. I will be back again soon! Thank you Trish!" ~Susie B.

"Trish Meza is a wonderful colon hydrotherapist and would recommend her and the process as most professional and helpful for many digestive and other health issues such as inflammation, and fibromyalgia." ~Ricky T.

"I found Trish online and decided to give her a call to find out more...and the rest is history! I have struggled for years with severe autoimmune issues as well as heart disease, tumors and celiac disease; to say the least, it is a battle for me. Beginning a colonics therapy has been a huge missing component for my health care and Trish's warm, knowledgeable and kind demeanor helped make an unfamiliar situation very healing and so, so, so beneficial! I have been able to go an entire day without a migraine; something that, before Trish's care, was unheard of. Thank you for what you do, Trish! I'll see you very soon...!" ~SJS


"Trish came highly recommended by my integrative dr.She made me comfortable and it was just WOW!.Since then Ive had regular bowels which I havent had in 5 yrs. It's great and she is amazing! You will never regret how she can help you! Humbly Thankful Trish!" ~Dawn


"Trish is awesome! Her treatments have been very beneficial for my health!"   ~Ebonee


"I found working with Trish to be informative if not educational. Her confidence and knowledge create a safe and comfortable atmosphere. The cost is very reasonable, the best I found. I will return."  

    ~Jerry Gomez 


"I met Trish a few months back.  A Very Kind and Compassionate Individual!.   Her Warm, Caring Heart is demonstrated in her Connection to individuals!  She will definitely make you feel comfortable because she is on a Quest to help individuals with their Health!!"  ~Mary


"Trish is Absolutely Amazing.  She is a Warm Person, who cares deeply for people.  I felt Very Comfortable doing Colonics.  I love that she Shares Kangen Water to Give back to the Community for Free.  I love Colonics with Trish and I Love Kangen Water."  ~Lisa

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